Hi Bumblebee!

Bumblebee can run ever multiple engines like Pandas, Dask, cuDFD, Dask-cuDF, Spark or Vaex.

The engine you decide to use will depend on the resource you have at hand.

Some features

This is what Bumblebee can offer you.

Clicks & Drags-and-Drops

Our spreadsheet like-interface makes the work easier for you to wrangle the data, correct wrong and duplicate values, and identify and group similar strings.

Automated Workflows

Create cleaning repeatability by creating a “Data Recipe”. Next time you need to clean the datasets from the same source, run your pre-saved Data Recipe, and make Bumblebee clean the data for you.

Load data from anywhere

Load data from CSV, JSON, Parquet, local, from a URL or from a remote storage system. Also, connect to data from databases and start working on your data wrangling in no time!


  • OS Support

    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/20*

    • Windows 10

    • GPU Support (Dask-cuDF, cuDF)

    • Pascal or Better

    • Compute Capability

  • CUDA Support (Dask-cuDF, cuDF)

    • 10.2

  • Python Support

    • 3.7

    • 3.8

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